Google I/O is Google’s annual developer conference, and it’s always a big event for the company to show off its latest products and technologies. This year’s conference had a number of major announcements that are sure to have a big impact on marketing and the web with deep integrations with AI coming to many of their products soon.

One of the biggest announcements from Google I/O 2023 was the release of PaLM2, a new AI language model that is a step forwards for AI and a rival to GTP4 in the LLM space. While technically very interesting it was overshadowed by the excitement of the new search experience Google is experimenting with in a closed Beta available in the US only. Their new AI driven search allows users to pose more complex questions than previously possible and cites sources in its response.

It was also a big year for hardware, with the release of the Google Pixel 7a. It already has mixed reviews, but is launched with a good price point and a free pair of pixel buds for a limited time, which makes it quite attractive. Google is very excited about their first folding phone, the Google Fold, but I prefer their new hybrid tablet/home hub which seems to solve the issue of having a monotask home hub which has limited use for individuals and the tendency of tablets to languish until needed by combining their new tablet with a beefed up dock which charges and lets the tablet also act as a hub with some nifty account switching UI features letting users personalise their tablet experience.

Beyond this, there are a huge number of releases, many of them incorporating AI to accelerate the creative process. I am still digging through the vast amount of content, but it is safe to say that it is going to be an exciting few months ahead.