Inspired by Wes Bos from the Syntax podcast I am trying to keep a list of some of the software and hardware I use.

Editor and Terminal

  • VS Code
  • Slime is my current theme, reccomended by Jeffery Way of Laracasts.
  • Chrome which I switched to from Firefox for the developer tools somewhere around 2013.

Desk Setup

  • Corsair K70 (Cherry MX Brown) which is in the mid-range for noise, but feels very nice to use day to day. I love the media keys and volume control as I like to listen to music when I am working. When most of your job is typing, I can’t recomend it enough, although everyone on a call knows when you are typing up your notes.

  • Cyberpower Gaming Battalion 504 because PC towers don’t die, they just get upgraded.

  • Dell Latitude 7280 a capable working laptop with an Intel i7 processor and 16GB RAM.

  • Corsair Glaive a 5 buttons mouse with an interchangeable thumb rest for a more flexable fit.

  • TeckNet GH10928 Surround Sound Gaming Headset which make me look like an air traffic controller, but that let me hear them and they me perfectly. Love the on-ear volume controls for when I can’t use my Corsair K70.