Space Apps 2016

The Launch Sight team built an immersive 3d experiance using apps, 3d visualisations and hardware to allow the user to view, hear and feel a rocket launch. Winners of the 2016 York Space Apps Challenge and chosen as the globally winning project for challenges set by the Kennedy Space Center.

Space Apps 2017 took data from sattlite bright points and combined this with crowdsourced data to plot likely fires, using Google Maps. Winner of the peoples choice award.

Hack Manchester 2017

Over a weekend team Tacky built a tactile smart meter for the visually impared. Runners up in the challenge category, written in Python and C# .Net.

Space Apps 2018

Processing 3.4 billion data points with Pandas to produce 2D and 3D visualisations of polar ice at the north and south poles, with an acompnying website.

Hulls Angels

An ongoing site built and maintained for the Hulls Angels wargaming club.