James Dewes
Hello World

I have been studying for an BSc in Computing and IT with the Open University since 2015 and have been working in digital marketing since 2008.

I have worked with analytics solutions for over 7 years to deliver complex reporting for retail clients, using Rakuten’s DC-Storm, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and with several container tag solutions, including Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM, Tealium and Qubit Opentag.

In addition to this my work experience covers a range of digital marketing including affiliate marketing, paid search and shopping, delivering at scale for high budget, high profile clients including high street retailers and prominent charities. I have also had the pleasure of being an ambassador for the business in the local digital community and was at the launch of C4DI.

Outside of work I like to tinker with different technologies and have entered a number of local and national hackathons. I love the atmosphere of a hackathon, working to build innovative solutions to tight deadlines, learning on the job and collaborating with others.

In my current job at Summit I am on a 6 month secondment as a Productcaster specialist, aiding in onboarding clients to the SAAS platform Feedmanager and working to develop the MVP and roadmap while I continue to support with analytics tag management.

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