The Chalklands Way PLOD has quite a long kit list for walkers, not surprising, considering the extremes we will be facing, from midnight cold, to (hopefully) sunny afternoons.

For me, most of my essentials are turning out to be Karrimor, because I have a pair of Karrimor mount mids walking shoes that I love and because I keep finding it really cheap in Sports Direct (who is clearing out their winter stock).

So far I have my trusty shoes, a pair of very warm waterproof gloves that are really for winter wear but are wonderfully comfortable and should see me through the worst Wolds weather, a Karrimor Urban 30 backpack, which has plenty of pockets and is a great day bag, although I find it a bit difficult to get at my water without taking the bag off and a pair of lightweight trousers that unzip at the knees to become shorts. I am not sure if I will use them as shorts, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Everything is holding up really well at the moment, but I will keep you posted on how my kit does through the training and on the PLOD itself.