I walked from Millington Wood to Huggate and then back again via a more indirect route down the Minster Way bridle path, with Rob, our girlfriends and a friend. There was a serious hill, almost a scramble and a few ups and downs. It was quite close to the Chalkland Way’s path through the area.

Captain Jim

A bit steep

There are some lovely areas on this walk and the Millington Pastures are impressive tracts of open access land. Part way along the Route there is a waymarker for the Wolds Way, 35 miles to Hessle and 45 to Filey. Below is a photos taken there, with Rob (right), his partner Amanda (on the left) and their friend Amanda (centre).

![Amanda, Amanda & Rob](](/assets/img/archive/chalklands-way-plod/millington-woods-to-huggate-amanda-amanda-rob.jpg)