The Span of the Humber Bridge, as seen from North Ferriby

I walked 16 miles at the weekend, all the way from Hull to North Ferriby and back again. A personal best, but still a long way from the target of 40 miles for the Chalklands Way PLOD. I started off at a quick pace and managed to keep it up most of the outbound leg. I was aiming for Brough, but high tide forced me on to a less direct route at North Ferriby, so I turned back. I got a few good snaps of the Humber shoreline and the Humber Bridge.

Approaching the Humber Bridge from the North

As you can see it was a wonderful day to be outdoors, but by the last few miles I was starting to suffer. I was walking on some very blistered feet and my walking pace slowed to a crawl. I was glad to have my walking poles with me, which took a huge weight off my feet, but it was still hard going.

I was a bit pink and sore at the end, but still very pleased, with my new distance target to beat!

North Ferriby Shoreline looking North