The first time I went skating I was bundled up like Scott on his trip to the Antarctic. There was ice, it was going to be cold, of course I would need a scarf!

About 15 minutes into the session I was sweating like you wouldn’t believe. Partly through fear of falling, partly from exertion. Ice skating is hard work!

The second time I was a little more appropriate. This is a list of my regular skating outfit -

Gloves - required - stops me skinning my hands when I fall over and means I can still feel my fingers when I come to unlace my skates.

Thick socks & thin socks - I use the hire skates and they can be an odd fit at times. My thick socks over a pair of thin socks help cut down the chafing and is a tip I picked up from distance walking.

Trousers I can move in - The more serious girls and women on the ice often have leggings, while the men go with light trousers, but I have seen people out in everything, including jeans. I wouldn’t recommend that though as they get damp too easily if you go over. I have a pair of old combats which I wear regularly.

T-Shirt - as this is under my coat it doesn’t matter so much, but is nice on a warm day.

Light Coat - I don’t like getting wet, so I have a light raincoat. It has full length sleeves too, keeping my elbows un-bloodied when I inevitably fall over.