Warhammer World is an international Mecca for fans of the Warhammer and Wahammer 40k hobby.

I did not actually visit until 2010 and I was blown away by the fantastic atmosphere and great gaming tables.

I had been out of the hobby for a while and I had agreed to meet a couple of friends for a game. This was my first encounter with drop pods and it was these that re-ignited my passion for the game and lead me to collect my first ‘human’ army. This, I decided, was how Space Marines were supposed to play!

Why the Ultramarines? I liked the fact that the Ultramarines are the definitive Space marines of the 41st millennium. They are part of the core cannon and have some pretty epic battles. They also fit pretty well with the rest of my Eastern Fringe collection, with Iyanden Eldar, Tau and a smattering of Orks. Last but not least there is a fairly clearly defined number. More or less 1,000 marines, meaning that however distant, there was an end point for me to reach to.

Games Workshop's headquaters with a Space Marine statue outside