The Yorkshire Open Doubles tournament at Warhammer World was my first event at the hallowed halls of GW. It was also the first event I attended with 6th ed rules, just weeks into the new rule book. Myself and Harry from Hulls Angels jumped aboard the coach from Games Workshop Hull, with 1200 points of Space Marines between us. 600 points apiece split between my Ultramarines and Harry’s Blood Angels.

I ran with two tactical squads in the colours of the 5th a Chaplin and a 5 man Devastator squad with missile launchers in the colours of the 4th. I also dug out some classic marines and painted them shining gold and doused liberally with snow as objective markers, along with a teleport homer for the relic mission.

Our first game was a bit of a washout, facing off against two Vindicators and a Daemon Prince. Harry’s Tactical squad broke and fled and the rest of our forces were picked apart convincingly. We felt it was a bad game overall and dubious lists, but despite a challenge from us everything added up and the defeat stuck.

During the break Harry entered his Captain into the painting competition and although he didn’t win it was good to see it up against so much excellent competition.

The second game was also a loss, although a narrow one. It was the most enjoyable game of the day, with a headlong rush for the relic and last ditch attempts to win as well as some great give and take with the guys from the York club.

The third game was also a loss, although by this time we were getting used to it. Bad dice and bad luck haunted us throughout and patience was wearing thin.

Our final tally for the day put us low down the table, but we made back a lot of points on our painting and our overall force. I look forward to the next one!

One thing did come out of the day though. Harry bought a Warhound Titan, to be named Ted.