After a few years of collecting, putting together something that resembled the fluff, with a lot of self-scrutiny about the choices I was making, GW have brought out the largest 1 click deal they have ever done; a whole Chapter in one click, off the shelf, and knocked my collection for six.

Looking through the very impressive content there is a lot in there, with some real diversity, but less apocalypse ready formations than I expected. Outside of Landraiders it also feels a little light on armour.

One of the more interesting points is the mixed in Landspeeders and Centurions. Their squad sizes have caused me a headache, as I dislike fielding part squads. After thinking through the contentious issue of supernumeraries combined with the apocalypse formations on the table and the cost of the Centurions and speeders I have decided to lump them into the expanding division of the armoury.

I hope that when I am done Games Workshop will be kind enough to give me all the fantastic extras they are throwing in with it.