Like any other gamer I have a heap of sprue in a box which I keep telling myself I will get around to sorting. Some of it is spare parts, some of it is parts that I have bought and deposited there until I get chance to get around to them, some of it is from the periodic clearing of my desk.

My box is a tall plastic container and has been looking rather full of late, so last night I decided to have a crack at tidying up some of this heap.

Clippers in hand and bits box at the ready I dived in and a bin bag full of empty sprues later I had found 15, yes that’s right, 15 space marine bikes and a drop pod!

I honestly did not expect to find a small army when I started on it, especially as I know I have had at least 4 bikes out of there for my tournament forces.

I have started putting all these together so I expect to have an almost complete 6th company when I am done with it. I will get a company picture up here when I am done.