8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 is on the way and so far I have to say I like it. There is no faction destroying, no Warhammer ends times. GW are making fantastic offers of support refunding codexs bought in the last 8 weeks and are being very open about the upcoming rules.

I have already seen stat lines for 2 wound Terminators and although this may not be the final outcome it has left me pretty happy and a single profile type for all units can only simply the game. Dreads and monstrous creatures will be on an equal footing for a change and that will clean up a lot of bitterness about the flyrants, Grey Knight Nemisis and the Wraithlord.

2nd ed movement distances are back which leaves me wondering what is going to happen to the charge range. It also makes me wonder about the effectiveness of vehicle shooting, but in my head I can already guess it will be something like not moved, moved, “ran” as it would be for infantry.

There is loads to come and it is very exciting as well as a huge accolade that GW has taken what was a hostile and largely negative community and managed to make huge strides in turning it around.